Our story

Keith Menear

As a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry I have spent most of my professional career designing drugs within the pharmaceutical sector. Around twenty years ago I was introduced to pottery by my wife and since then my hobby has become a full-time preoccupation. Initially I was drawn to the craft by my interest in glaze chemistry, a technical subject that is driven by aesthetic principles. This search for the perfect glaze is still ongoing and has given rise to a palette of bespoke glazes used to decorate the work. My work is usually hand thrown on the wheel, which gives an uncluttered symmetry to the pieces focusing the attention on the glaze and form. 

I have exhibited at various exhibitions and the work has been represented by a select number of galleries throughout the UK including the National Gallery Shop during the Leonardo Exhibition.

Debra Menear

My background is predominately scientific. I have a degree in Applied Chemistry and a MSc. in Information Technology. It was when I attended my first Pottery night school class that I absolutely fell in love with ceramics. I encouraged my husband to get involved and subsequently purchased some second-hand equipment, set it up in the shed and dabbled in our spare time. Many years and four children later, we decided to set up our own company making and selling the ceramics we produce.

I love working with porcelain and am particularly fascinated by the translucency of the medium. I enjoy experimenting with embossing patterns onto the surface of the clay and observing the interaction with light. I currently make a series of porcelain tealight holders, vases and sculptural forms. 

Since 2014 Keith and Debra have been Potters in residence at The Pottery Barn, Amberley Museum, Houghton, West Sussex. The museum is located in the beautiful South Downs National Park and is host to a variety of attractions tracing the industrial heritage of the region. The pottery is open to Museum visitors where they can see us making a range of wares at all stages of production.

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